A Must Have Pots and Pans In The Kitchen

“Cooking requires confident guesswork and improvisation– experimentation and substitution, dealing with failure and uncertainty in a creative way”

-Paul Theroux

Pots and pans are used for a variety of purposes, ranging from cooking, frying and roasting to hitting someone in the face. So, you can say that they are the backbone of any kitchen, whether it is a chef’s or your own. So, if you are new to cooking, I have to tell you, you need to get them. This guide tells you the perfect ones currently in the market at the time of writing. According to the pots and pans reviews by Cook with Tina, I dig right in the vast sea of cookware knowledge ahead!

  • A 10-inch Cast Iron Skillet:

A large skillet is the powerhouse and foundation of a perfect kitchen. If you want a pan that can last for a lonnnngggg time in intense heat, then a cast iron one is your pan of choice. It is perfect for roasting beef, cooking pizzas in the oven, searing your favourite steak, or throwing at crazy stalking strangers. Cleaning it, however, will be a little bit hard, and will require lots of willpower and muscle, so if you are a strong guy or girl, or have a fancy dishwasher, go ahead and get one.

  • A 3-Quart Saucier:

So, if you got a skillet for your pizza needs, you also need a saucepan. Regular ones are annoying as the sauce generally sticks on the corners. A saucier is the solution for that problem. This equipment was created by a true man of God, as he added rounded edges so that we can whisk and combine the ingredients with ease. The size, that is 3 quarts, is enough for creating sauces for four to six people, but if you have your whole tribe with you, I suggest you get a bigger one, but be sure to get it, cuz’ it’s awesome!

  • A 14-inch Wok:

Admit it or not, a wok is one of the best tools in your disposal in the kitchen. It is versatile and is perfect for smoking, braising and roasting, a complete all in one. In case you never saw one, it is deep, wide and can store a large volume of food, and you can even use oil in it without the fear of overflowing. A 14-inch one can cook food for as much as 6-8 people, so this is generally the most recommended, as most families count between 4-6 members.

Foods You Must Try in NYC

Food.  It’s on my mind pretty much more than anything else throughout my waking (and most likely sleeping) moments.  #thisiswhyimfat

And shocker, Tyler is the same way.  We talk food almost every single day.  New restaurants to try.  Recipes ideas.  Our recent successes and failures in the kitchen.  Current conversation is mostly about our new kitchen toys (sous vide machine), eating ramen in NYC, and wanting to recreate said ramen at home.

And that got me thinking about all the great food I’ve been blessed with consuming (and thus carrying around on my waistline… and arms, legs, and double chin) in and around NYC.

Burgers.  How I love thee.  And apparently NYC loves them too.  Here’s some places you can snag one worth your money…

Minetta Tavern – you’re here for the Black Label Burger.  Yes, it’s almost $30.  Yes, it’s worth it.  My wife Asheley isn’t even a burger fan and she’s all about this burger.  It’s brisket, short rib, skirt steak, and dry-aged ribeye.  Yea…. #legit.  Just be forewarned, you’ll probably need a reservation.  It gets mighty busy up in here.

The Spotted Pig – Chef April Bloomfield’s crazy popular gastropub has an all-star menu, and her burger doesn’t disappoint.  And get ready for a pile of highly addictive shoestring fries.  It’s kinda impossible to stop eating them.

Umami Burger – the first NYC outpost of the popular California chain, Umami Burger serves up my favorite mid-priced burger in the city.  Go for the Truffle Burger.  Trust me.


Shake Shack – a NYC icon, this fast food joint (with many locations) is a must for locals and tourists.  Get the Shack Stack, which is a burger topped  with a cheese-stuffed fried mushroom.  And don’t you dare even try to leave without getting a Concrete, which is made with their super thick, creamy, and rich custard.  Just do yourself a favor and skip the shakes… they are mediocre at best.

Burger Joint – two locations and a cult-like following.  These classic no-frills burgers will definitely hit the spot.

Bareburger – you feeling a bit adventurous?  Wanna try an organic elk, bison, or even ostrich burger?  This is your place.  They have a bunch of locations and the chocolate peanut butter shake is a must.

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