Foods You Must Try in NYC

Food.  It’s on my mind pretty much more than anything else throughout my waking (and most likely sleeping) moments.  #thisiswhyimfat

And shocker, Tyler is the same way.  We talk food almost every single day.  New restaurants to try.  Recipes ideas.  Our recent successes and failures in the kitchen.  Current conversation is mostly about our new kitchen toys (sous vide machine), eating ramen in NYC, and wanting to recreate said ramen at home.

And that got me thinking about all the great food I’ve been blessed with consuming (and thus carrying around on my waistline… and arms, legs, and double chin) in and around NYC.

Burgers.  How I love thee.  And apparently NYC loves them too.  Here’s some places you can snag one worth your money…

Minetta Tavern – you’re here for the Black Label Burger.  Yes, it’s almost $30.  Yes, it’s worth it.  My wife Asheley isn’t even a burger fan and she’s all about this burger.  It’s brisket, short rib, skirt steak, and dry-aged ribeye.  Yea…. #legit.  Just be forewarned, you’ll probably need a reservation.  It gets mighty busy up in here.

The Spotted Pig – Chef April Bloomfield’s crazy popular gastropub has an all-star menu, and her burger doesn’t disappoint.  And get ready for a pile of highly addictive shoestring fries.  It’s kinda impossible to stop eating them.

Umami Burger – the first NYC outpost of the popular California chain, Umami Burger serves up my favorite mid-priced burger in the city.  Go for the Truffle Burger.  Trust me.


Shake Shack – a NYC icon, this fast food joint (with many locations) is a must for locals and tourists.  Get the Shack Stack, which is a burger topped  with a cheese-stuffed fried mushroom.  And don’t you dare even try to leave without getting a Concrete, which is made with their super thick, creamy, and rich custard.  Just do yourself a favor and skip the shakes… they are mediocre at best.

Burger Joint – two locations and a cult-like following.  These classic no-frills burgers will definitely hit the spot.

Bareburger – you feeling a bit adventurous?  Wanna try an organic elk, bison, or even ostrich burger?  This is your place.  They have a bunch of locations and the chocolate peanut butter shake is a must.

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Excellent Shun Chef Knife Companions

No matter if you are an expert chef, or just a kitchen enthusiast who loves to do some experiments in the kitchen, having a versatile, easy to use, sharp, and good quality chef knife is a necessity. Rather than having a set of garbage knives, I believe that spending your money on a decent all-purpose knife is of optimum significance.

I have been looking for a knife that is able to handle all my slicing, chopping, and cutting necessities effectively, until I read shun knife ratings and then the unspeakable happened. That magnificent monster of a knife caught my heart. Those who used this knife say that they become very used to it that they cannot do without it again. It also looks great. Aside from that, what I love about this knife is that it is wickedly sharp with the capability of slicing its way through about everything in the kitchen.

In the shun knife ratings, it has been included in the top quality all-purpose knife, which ranks among the best available knives in the market when it comes to both the functionality and aesthetis. This knife is made of soft stainless steel of several layers with a solid core made of carbon steel. Thus, I got a knife strong enough and has sharpness just like a razor. It gave me a clean cut and because of its Damascus style blade, the food I cut has not been sticking to the balde which is an exceptional perk.

While researching this chef knife, I noticed many complaints regarding particles and debris that get accumulated in the hammered surface, which makes it quite hard to clean. However, I believe that it is a common problem in all hammered knives. I highly recommend this knife not only for professional chefs, but also for moms and homeowners who love cooking.

That’s just my take on this special Chef’s blade, you’ll never know until you try for it yourself.

Homemade doughnuts: Perfect for the fall season

Here are five ways to make your homemade or store-bought doughnuts — fried, frosted and then covered with outrageous toppings — perfect for the fall season.

Apple Pie Doughnut

Slice a round yeast doughnut three-quarters of the way through, coat the top with vanilla glaze, then pile apple pie filling (with added cinnamon and nutmeg if needed) in the middle. Top the doughnut’s vanilla glaze with cinnamon-sugar-coated, baked pie crust crumbles.

Maple Bacon Doughnut

Add some bacon mania to your doughnut by first glazing it with maple frosting, then topping it with loads of crumbled crispy bacon. Just before serving, cover it with some maple syrup.

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